About Us

Hello! We are currently full through the next 3 months, and are only taking new clients on a very limited basis. Feel free to check our schedule periodically for openings, we sometimes have spots open up online, but they are only available to current clients at this time. If you are a current client and would like to be added to our cancellation list, please text the word CORE to (734)307-1053 and you will be added. We send out a text to our list when spots open up, and they are first come, first serve. 
Massage Therapists Erin Morin and Josephine Garza combine their diverse, medically trained backgrounds for the common goal of healing and restoring health to their clients. They integrate multitudes of bodywork techniques, from deep tissue to very gentle modalities, keeping in mind the techniques best suited to each individual client.
The term "bodywork" refers to a manipulative treatment of a client’s body that is intended to maintain and improve health through a variety of massage techniques. Touch is one of the most basic of human needs and occurs in every culture. It is required for healthy growth, development, and immune function.
Therapeutic massage and bodywork is now considered a major component of complimentary and integrated healthcare, as is evidenced by government sponsored research and development.