Josephine Garza

Josephine Garza is a Licensed Massage Therapist, she received a dual certification in 1,000 hours of massage and bodywork from the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts class of 2008. She specializes in chronic pain management and treats many repetitive stress/strain and sports injuries. She is trained in a variety of techniques and modalities including myofascial release, trigger point, NMT, Swedish and polarity therapy . Her high level of training and years of experience allows her to confidently identify and treat common & uncommon problem areas to restore proper function, range of motion, alleviate pain, tension and maintain healthy muscular and fascial tissue patterns. She is also certified in Lymphatic Drainage from the Chikly Health Institute and is currently working on a Sports Therapy Certification provided by the American Massage Therapy Association. She is a trained and certified Esthetician from Douglas J Aveda institute and an Ashtanga yoga practitioner. Josephine has a broad range of knowledge, techniques, intuition and skill and works in a wide spectrum from specialized & specific treatments to a more holistic therapy approach. 

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